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Avocational Course In Commercial Driving

Learning avocations related to commercial driving or heavy machinery operation is beneficial in many ways. For those planning to get a bus, tractor trailer, or truck driver’s license and enter the trucking industry, avocational courses are the right programs to take to learn the basics of the business. These classes can help prepare participants for the road test and obtain a license.


At CDT, we are proud to help anyone wanting to take an avocational course in commercial driving and heavy equipment operation. We offer a broad range of quality avocational courses designed to provide useful lessons and training in different fields of the trucking industry. For more info visit : http://cdtschool.com/


Individual Courses at CDT School

Courses are available for acquiring just a CDL License. These courses are not Accredited. They are geared to help you with just being able to pass a CDL Road Test. Please contact the school for details.

These courses are done by the private driving lesson.  Each lesson is 1.5 hours one on one with an instructor to prepare you to be able to pass a NYS Road Test.  Once you are ready for your road test then you are able to rent the vehicle for the actual road test day.

We have various lesson packages available.  We do this training for tractor trailer, truck and school buses. For more info visit : http://cdtschool.com/programs/other-courses/

Best driving school in New York: CDTSchool

Commercial Driver Training, Inc. is a vocational school founded in 1961 to offer courses in professional Tractor Trailer, Truck, and Bus Driving. Commercial Driver Training’s curriculum was developed to fill the trucking industry’s need for well-trained highly skilled drivers.  The trucking industry in the USA is vast and employs millions of people.  Although the industry is so vast it has few training programs of its own.  This brings the need of such schools as ours into focus. The curriculum at Commercial Driver training provides the students with a broad base of knowledge through class sessions and practical experience to take their place in the necessary and rewarding field as a professional tractor trailer, truck, or Bus Driver, driving lesson fortrucks.

We are proving best deals in driving classes and we have best team and best vehicles with us for providing you the best and live training and Tractor Trailer School NY. We have trained perfect driving to everybody. We have all the licence for driving school and for driving licence.


We are proving the beast and cost effective deal in whole New York. If you want to feel good and live experience of driving then just visit our office and we will provide you the best way of learning driving.

Just visit our website http://www.cdtschool.com or call us on 631-249-1330