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Nothing Like Riding a Bicycle

Motorcycle training at CDT School has rider courses that simulate every single situation that a rider may encounter in their future travels. These include terrain, traffic laws, and maneuvering around boundaries. Riding a motorcycle is nothing like a driving a car or riding a bicycle; there’s too much power involved and it’s hard for beginners to make adjustments, making the course necessary.

Spc. Joe Cordaro, 108th Military Police Company, practices coming to a stop while swerving at the last minute to the right simulating avoiding an obstacle during the Police Motorcycle Operator Safety Course July 28 at Simmons Army Air Field. photo by Eve Meinhardt/Paraglide

The different things riders need to learn to get the full motorcycle experience are balance, speed management, agility, and brake control. Each aspect has its own share of difficulties, and requires the proper focus for each lesson to sink in. This usually means repetitive action until the body conditions all the muscle groups involved know their parts automatically. The courses can make a rider exercise one aspect repeatedly without it getting boring. Know more : cdtschool.com/