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Get Practical Experience In Driving

Commercial Driver Training, Inc.— is New York’s most trusted driving school for the workforce in the trucking industry. After decades of providing quality driving lessons for Tractor Trailers, trucks, and bus drivers, we have earned an impeccable reputation as a specialized provider of excellent programs to cover the unique and strict requirements of different sectors, from fleet companies to individuals choosing the path of commercial driving as a career.

We offer a huge array of programs, both accredited and avocational, meticulously designed to provide participants essential knowledge and practical experience in driving. Our accredited courses are for those individuals wanting to undergo intensive training for tractor-trailer, truck, or bus driving. Our avocational programs include lessons to prepare just for road testing as well as for forklifts, dump trucks, and motorcycles. We also provide fleet training and refresher courses. Know more at : http://cdtschool.com/


Commercial Driving Training Sessions

As a premier driving school, we use our excellence in delivering commercial driving training sessions to help make individuals become adept and responsible truck, bus, or tractor trailer driver in any part of New York.

We also provide programs in forklift operation developed for all career levels. From lift truck operators, warehouse supervisors, plant managers, to practically any individual who may have to operate a forklift at some point, our training covers everything there is to know about maneuvering this heavy equipment with efficiency and safety.

Our courses include driving lessons for:

Contact us today for inquiries or visit : http://cdtschool.com/ and we will be more than happy to be of assistance.