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Outstanding Accredited Courses

Accreditation matters in most of the programs offered in the trucking industry. While finishing an accredited course does not guarantee the student or participant to automatically obtain a license or land a job after graduation, it may aid or play a role toward achieving such goals.


For someone planning to undergo training classes for commercial driving, accredited courses provide the assurance that they will engage in continuous review and improvement in terms of quality; that they are accountable for accomplishing what they are expected to; and that they meet the nationally-set standards in the profession.

CDT is a reputable school specializing in outstanding accredited courses for tractor trailer, truck, and bus training. Our Individual Programs are designed for people who wish to prepare for a Tractor Trailer, Truck or Bus Road Test. Know more :


Avocational Course In Commercial Driving

Learning avocations related to commercial driving or heavy machinery operation is beneficial in many ways. For those planning to get a bus, tractor trailer, or truck driver’s license and enter the trucking industry, avocational courses are the right programs to take to learn the basics of the business. These classes can help prepare participants for the road test and obtain a license.


At CDT, we are proud to help anyone wanting to take an avocational course in commercial driving and heavy equipment operation. We offer a broad range of quality avocational courses designed to provide useful lessons and training in different fields of the trucking industry. For more info visit :

Comprehensive Range Of Programs At CDT School

There is a world of opportunities waiting for any individual wanting to start a promising career in the trucking industry. As a field currently employing millions of Americans, the future is bright for anyone entering the business.

Whether you choose truck, bus, or tractor trailer driving as a profession, or plan to start your own fleet, Commercial Driver Training, Inc. is your partner to reach success in your endeavor. As one of New York’s established driving schools, CDL Classes offer a comprehensive range of programs developed to supply you with a broad base of knowledge and practical experience required in the industry.

Choose Your Career As A Professional Tractor Trailer Truck or Bus Driver.

Our programs are designed for people who wish to prepare themselves for a career as a professional Tractor Trailer Truck or Bus Driver. These are industry-related courses that will prepare you from the written testing through the road testing. School certificates and job placement assistance are offered.

At CDT, our responsibility to you does not end in your graduation. Our school is committed to helping you find a place to work to begin your career with ease. You can use our vast network of companies in the industry to find an employer as soon as possible.

Our huge array of programs includes the following:


Commercial Driver Training is your ticket to having a successful career in the trucking industry. Contact CDL Classes today for inquiries.